Memories of 1960’s Portsmouth


The photo above is of the Lake Road shop taken during the late 50s/early 60s.

The decade for me begins with my time at Mile End House school; a private school located in Mile End, Landport, Portsmouth and just across the road from Charles Dickens’ birthplace. The headmaster, Mr. Payne, was very strict and tolerated no nonsense from the boys. Dad had bought the shop (see above) with accommodation in Lake Road after moving from Highland Road, Southsea, in 1953.

I left Mile End House in 1962 and spent a year at Highbury College (situated in what was then the Portsmouth Polytechnic buildings behind the Guildhall). I spent little time studying but enjoyed some of the social life provided. Verechias coffee house situated in the Guildhall Square was a well attended student meeting place. The Students Union organised “Snoghops” which took place at Southsea Pier and entertainment was provided by Trad Jazz bands such as Humphrey Lyttelton and Chris Barber. The Students Union also organised a hitch-hike to Penzance and back in December 1962 with a prize for the first back of a crate of beer. I took part with fellow student Bob Kell but we gave up on the return from Penzance (proof of making it to Penzance was a platform ticket from the station). I remember catching a train from somewhere on the return journey.